1/8-27 NPT Diesel Fuel Pressure Snubber Valve

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GlowShift's 1/8-27 NPT Fuel Pressure Snubber Valve regulates, normalizes and eliminates fuel pressure spikes present throughout the fuel system during the initial ignition and start up of a diesel engine. The Snubber Valve limits these high pressure spikes to its output by use of a regulator. High pressure fuel system spikes are harmful and may cause early and unexpected failure of electronic fuel pressure sensors and/or sending units for fuel pressure indication devices and gauges. In some applications and cases, these high pressure spikes will cause sensors to fail prematurely.

The Snubber Valve is to be installed in line between the pressure port of the diesel fuel system and the fuel pressure sensor unit.

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1/8-27 NPT
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1/8-27 NPT
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