16 Pulse Speedometer Sensor Adapter for Ford

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GlowShift’s Ford 16 Pulse Electronic Speedometer Sensor Adapter converts your Ford’s Tremec transmission from a mechanical speedometer signal to an electronic signal that sends electronic MPH readings to your GlowShift 3-3/4” In-Dash Speedometer Gauge. The installation process is easy, with this Ford electronic speedometer adapter taking the place of the factory speedometer cable connection in your Ford Tremec trans. The Ford sensor adapter’s 3 pin male connector plugs into the female connector of the 9’ wire harness that is also included. Additionally, the wire harness has 3 lead wires for sensor, power and ground connections. GlowShift includes installation instructions, free lifetime tech support and a one-year limited warranty with each Ford speedometer sensor purchase.

  • Converts Mechanical Speedometer Signal to an Electronic Signal
  • Compatible with 16 Pulse Ford Tremec Transmissions with Mechanical Speedometer Cable
  • Sensor Adapter Features 3 Pin Male Connector
  • 9' Wire Harness Features 3 Pin Female Connector with Sensor, Power & Ground Lead Wires
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
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