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The PREMIUM QUALITY (rear is grade 8 hardware with polyurethane bushings, front is CNC machined ARTICULATED stainless steel with DELRIN bushings) VMS Racing C5 Corvette Lowering Kit can lower the ride height of your 1997-2004 Corvette approximately one inch in the rear and you can lower it over 1.5 inches in the front without changing the ride quality. The lower center of gravity will reduce roll and allow better handling and cornering. The VMS kit is designed to replace the two rear spring end bolts and bushings, and the two front spring retainer bolts on your 1997-2004 Corvette.*Please Note: The VMS C5 Corvette Lowering Kit is not for use on F45, Selective Real Time Dampening, equipped Corvettes.The VMS REAR BOLTS AND HARDWARE are premium quality GRADE 8 steel, AND THEY COME WITH NEW POLYURETHANE BUSHINGS. YOU NEED NEW BUSHINGS TO DO THIS JOB CORRECTLY! THE FACTORY BUSHINGS ARE NOW GETTING CLOSE TO BEING 20 YEARS OLD, THEY ARE DRYROTTED AND ARE NO LONGER SERVICEABLE.
The FRONT bolts are made of 100% stainless steel, with Delrin foot pads, and they are articulated for proper smooth suspension travel. The steel lowering bolts with welded footpads (sold by others) are not even in same galaxy when it comes down to durability, proper suspension travel, or quiet operation!DO NOT BUY A KIT WITHOUT NEW REAR BUSHINGS AS YOU WILL NEED TO SOURCE THEM WITH A NEW INSTALL!...