Replacement 10 Color Digital Exhaust Temperature Gauge Harness

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GlowShift's Replacement 10 Color Digital Series Exhaust Temperature Gauge Harness will replace the existing harness being used for your GlowShift 10 Color Digital Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge. This replacement power harness is offered in 2 different options. Please verify your gauge is compatible with either of the harnesses listed below.

The Version 1 Harness features a length of 2’ and a 6 pin modular connector with 6 wires attached. The wires on the 6 pin connector are labeled and positioned as: 1 - Yellow, 2 - Red, 3 - Black, 4 - Orange, 5 - Pink with Female Terminal Connector, 6 - Blue with a Male Terminal Connector.

The Version 2 Harness features 6' of steel braided wire that is attached to a female 2 pin waterproof connector on the end that connects to the EGT probe and a 3 pin modular connector with pink and blue wires that plug into the back of the gauge.

  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge
  • Dual Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge
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