Replacement 2 Post 200 PSI Air Pressure Sensor

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GlowShift's Replacement Air Pressure Sensor is compatible with our 7 Color Series Dual Digital & Needle Air Pressure Gauges. This sensor is equipped with 2 thumb screws where “m” is for ground and “g” is for the green signal wire that is part of the gauge harness. The sensor has a 1/8-27 NPT male thread for an easy connection to the pressure source. The overall length is 3 1/4” with a diameter of 1 3/4”. This sender is identified by its silver color and a blue sticker that says "Air Pressure Sensor 200 PSI".

Please refer to the chart below to see if this sensor is compatible with your gauge.

7 Color Gauge Series
  • Dual Needle Air Pressure Gauge
    GS-T713-DN, GS-C713-DN, GS-W713-DN
  • Dual Digital Air Pressure Gauge
    GS-T713-DD, GS-C713-DD
Gauge Type
Air Pressure