Replacement Black Nylon Boost Gauge Hose Kit

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GlowShift's Replacement Black Nylon Boost Hose Kit will replace your existing hose and compression fittings for your mechanically driven 7 Color Series 35 PSI, 60 PSI & 100 PSI Boost Gauge. The 1/8-27 NPT compression fittings are installed to the boost pressure source and the hose is ran from the source fittings to the back of the gauge. Choose from hose lengths that include 9' or an extended length of 18'.

Please refer to the chart below to see if this unit is compatible with your gauge.

7 Color Gauge Series
  • 35 PSI Boost Gauge
    GS-T701_35, GS-C701_35, GS-W701_35
  • 60 PSI Boost Gauge
    GS-T701_60, GS-C701_60, GS-W701_60
  • 100 PSI Boost Gauge
    GS-T701_100, GS-C701_100, GS-W701_100
Gauge Type