Replacement Inline Boost Hose Air Filter

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GlowShift's Replacement Inline Boost Hose Air Filter will replace the existing unit being used on your electronic Boost/Vacuum or Vacuum Gauge. This air filter features a clear housing with 2 barbed ends and a filter inside.

This boost hose air filter is compatible with the following gauges:

Elite 10 Color Gauge Series

  • Boost/Vacuum Gauges - GS-ET01, GS-EWT01
  • Vacuum Gauges - GS-ET03, GS-EWT03

10 Color Digital Gauge Series

  • Boost/Vacuum Gauge - GS-TCD01
  • Vacuum Gauge - GS-TCD03

3in1 Combo Gauge Series

  • 3in1 Gauges with Boost/Vacuum - GS-3G-21, GS-3G-21-BAR, GS-3G-22

MaxTow Gauge Series

  • Boost/Vacuum Gauges - MT-DV01, MT-WDV01, MT-BDV01, MT-WBDV01
  • 35 PSI Boost Gauges - MT-DV01_35, MT-WDV01_35, MT-BDV01_35, MT-WBDV01_35
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