Replacement MaxTow Electronic Boost/Vacuum Sensor

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MaxTow's Replacement Electronic Boost/Vacuum Sensor comes equipped with a 3 wire modular plug connection that allows the gauge harness to plug right in the sensor with no extra wiring. The sensor has a 1/8" barbed end for easy connection to the boost pressure source. The dimensions are 1 ½” x 2” x 1” with a mounting tab attached.

Compatible with:

  • Boost/Vacuum Gauges
    MT-DV01, MT-WDV01, MT-BDV01, MT-WBDV01
  • 35 PSI Boost Gauges
    MT-DV01_35, MT-WDV01_35, MT-BDV01_35, MT-WBDV01_35
Gauge Type
Gauge Type