Stubby Transmission Temperature Gauge Sensor for GM 4L60-E

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If your car or truck is running a GM 4L60-E automatic transmission and you are looking to install a temperature sensor for a Transmission Temperature Gauge, GlowShift has the solution for you. This “stubby” temperature sensor features a reduced stem length that allows for easy installation to the test port thread of your transmission. The “stubby” design prevents you from over-threading the sensor into the transmission case, allowing for proper clearance and the fluid to flow freely. Featuring a brass, chrome plated thread design, this sensor easily connects to your gauge’s temperature sensor harness via the 2 terminal connectors. Compatibility of this sensor with any GlowShift Temperature Gauge such as Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, Differential Temperature, in addition to Transmission Temperature, is identified with a “1TS” sticker on the back of the gauge housing. GlowShift includes free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase.

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Transmission Temperature
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Water Temperature
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