Underdrive Single Belt Crank Pulley Acura Integra Honda Civic Si CRV Del Sol DOHC

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This is the VMS Racing version of the JDM (Japan Spec) Honda Civic Type-R Crank Pulley, which is a special design pulley that was used in the JDM Type-R that were for track use. The original JDM Crank Pulley has a slight under drive and is of lighter mass because it eliminates the A/C pulley.THIS NEW VMS RACING VERSION GOES ONE STEP FURTHER BY PUTTING LIGHTENING HOLES IN ITS PULLEY TO MAKE IT EVEN LIGHTER THAN THE OEM TYPE-R PULLEY!!This pulley will provide even quicker response of the engine than the OEM Type-R pulley will because of its lower weight! It fits Honda B16, B18 and B20 DOHC VTEC Engines (except B20A). Please Note: This pulley will disable your A/C and might require a shorter belt depending on the application... It weighs just 9.8 ounces!
NEW VMS RACING LIGHT WEIGHT UNDERDRIVE Type-R Single Belt CRANKSHAFT PULLEY!! JUST ARRIVED NEW DESIGN!!! Nicest looking and performing pulley anywhere at any price!!! This is a new, in the factory sealed box, never used or installed, VMS Racing underdrive light weight crankshaft pulley. Unique and exclusive gun metal matte finish.This is a lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminum CNC machined crankshaft pulley with tolerances kept down to .001, which are usually reserved for aircraft and military designs. This pulley has better than OEM belt fitment and alignment. Real world gains in horsepower, torque and fuel economy....